Our Act Now

MISSION Statement

As members of Renaissance Unity, we are committed to serving as illuminators, healers and activists focused on participating in addressing, challenging, influencing and changing hearts and minds of those who are supporting and promoting racism intentionally and unintentionally.  We believe that every person of every race, creed or color, is a unique expression of God, a part of our human family, sacred, worthy, and deserving of consistent respect and equal opportunity in all facets of life.

It is our mission to participate in a spiritually conscious manner to 1) provide meaningful unfiltered education as to the roots and perpetuation of racism and methods for eradicating racism within our community and our surrounding communities, 2) offer, as a strong spiritual community, sacred opportunities for reflection, connection and healing among all people, while actively creating a purposeful space for our African American brothers and sisters to metabolize the pain of racism; 3) deliver and monitoring recommended actions for our community leaders and government officials that directly address racist policies and practices and put an end to them.

ACT NOW with RU &

 The Principles of Unity

As members of the ACT Now with Renaissance Unity Initiative we are committed to consciously operating in a manner that consistently aligns with The Principles of Unity.


The Five Unity Principles

1. God is absolute good, everywhere present. There is only one Power, one Presence, God.  God is good without opposite. There is no other power.  God is omnipotence- all power. God is omniscience- all wisdom. God is omnipresent- there is no place that God is not. Since God is omnipresent, we cannot be separated from God. Oneness is our natural state.


We in Unity believe that we are spiritual beings who are individualized expressions of God. We believe that all human beings are expressions of God and that Oneness is our natural state.  Because of our Oneness, injustice for anyone is injustice for all. 


We understand that as members of the human race, regardless of our heritage, history, or the color of our skin, we ALL have a responsibility to address systemic racism and racist acts.  Racist thoughts, words, and actions negatively impact and cause danger to our black brothers and sisters because of the color of their skin. Although our white brethren are not in danger because of the color of their skin, racist acts negatively impact all of us.


2. Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within. Their very essence is of God, and therefore they are also inherently good. As a wave has its being in the ocean, you have your being in God-ness. A wave is not the whole ocean, but it is made of exactly the same stuff as the ocean and can never be removed from the ocean. Jesus is our great example- our way-shower. He demonstrated what is possible when we live in awareness of our Oneness, consciously and willingly aligned with our Divinity. We are expressions of the divine in human form.


As stated in this Unity principle, ALL human beings have a spark of divinity within them, NOT just some humans. All human beings, even those committing racist acts, have a spark of divinity within them. 


Individuals promoting or supporting racism directly and indirectly are not living in awareness of our Oneness and are not consciously aligned with their Divinity.  In our initiative, we are committed to examining, understanding, and sharing the causes of racism in order to educate and reduce its impact.  Is the racism fear or trauma based?  Is it caused by low self-worth that requires the individual to look down on someone else to feel better?  Do racists not feel love from humans?  Do they have a punishing God that they believe does not love them? Are their acts of racism based solely upon the teachings of their parents?  We will also examine any other causes of racism. 


To the extent that there is a spark of divinity in all people, ACT NOW with RU is committed to helping change the attitudes and actions of racist behavior.  We believe that love and education can help bring those individuals that promote and support or practice racism into greater alignment with their own divinity and their connection to all human beings. 

3. Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have the power to create our reality. We create not just as individuals, but as groups. We are all connected in the One Mind. We cannot always know the larger meaning of our circumstances at the time we experience them. What may seem to be a terrible event may turn out to be the catalyst for our highest possible good. By using our free will, we always have the choice to experience good.


Act Now with RU, as a focused group, is sowing seeds of love to reduce racism and stop police brutality. We plan to make an impact on the systematic injustice against people of color with our dominant focus on our African American brethren. While we understand that all lives matter, we are clear that black lives have been in clear danger for centuries in our country because of the color of their skin.  There continues to be direct harm caused by many police persons across our nation.  The thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions of our group will call forth peace and love to create a safer world for Black Lives and hopefully improve police-community relations.


4. Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good. Affirmative prayer is the activity that allows us to know our Oneness. Prayer is not something we do for God; it is something we do to maintain our awareness of Truth. Prayer is the activity by which we may directly experience God.


We understand that prayer opens us up to act and do the things necessary to bring more love and compassion into this world.  As we directly experience God through prayer and meditation, we are more able to be the light of God wherever we go and in whatever we do, passing on God’s love. 



5. Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows. We cannot NOT live these laws- they apply to everyone, all of the time, whether we “believe” in them or not. Living the Truth means that we show up in all of the activities of our lives- work, play, family relationships- with a consciousness that what we do and the way we behave matters. Living the Truth means that we do the work necessary to remain conscious and aware of our Oneness. Living the Truth means that we recognize our Divinity and act in ways that express that Divinity.  


As ACT NOW with RU members we are living the truth of our oneness with all of our brethren, our black brothers and sisters, our white brothers and sisters, our blue brothers and sisters, and even our racist brothers and sisters. As part of humanity, we are taking action to stop humans from hurting other humans—especially  because of race, religion gender, sexual orientation or national origin.  We bring God’s love to the issue of racism and police brutality in our communities, state and nation.  Because of our Oneness, injustice to any one of us is injustice to all.


Our RU Affirmation of Faith

  • I AM a Divine expression of Love

  • I AM aware of presence of spirit in all things.

  • I believe in my Divine Good and in the powerful promise that connects us all.

  • I live consciously and commit to being a Light wherever I AM.