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Act Now Vision Statement


Act Now will be widely recognized as the most effective, influential and diverse spiritual social justice organization in Metro Detroit/South Eastern Michigan and beyond.

Act Now Mission Statement


As members of the Renaissance Unity community, Act Now with RU is spiritual consciousness, in action. We stand for social justice, allyship and inclusion in the community for all people by organizing, educating and inviting all to join, participate and act.



Education, teaching the deconstruction of race and racism to show the inherent contradictions that do not allow for equality, freedom, justice and liberty for all people. Our educational process promotes outcomes that create methods of eradicating racism within our communities.


Our inclusive spiritual community offers sacred opportunities for reflection, connection and healing for all people while purposefully creating a safe space for our BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) sisters and brothers to heal the pain and trauma of racism.


We initiate and participate with campaigns to advocate for public policies that are equable and improve the quality of life for all people especially those historically marginalized in the Metro Detroit area.


We initiate and participate with petition drives and poll taking for progressive social justice evolution - we gather, monitor, take action and report the outcomes.


We participate in the decision-making processes that affect our communities: from elections, to policy-making, to urban planning.


Being part of "it takes a village", Act Now with RU contributes to ongoing campaigns and creates partnerships with other organizations focused on common goals.