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Racism is a social construct embedded in the systems that we live by, created to enforce a power structure that causes deep and serious pain to people of color. As spiritual beings we recognize that it is our collective responsibility to shine light on these systems and actively participate in the dismantling of them. 

Participate with us.

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Racism is a socially transmitted disease because it is taught and passed down, but the impact on children, adolescents and families is significant from a health perspective. LEARN MORE

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Say their names.  Hold their families in your heart.  Learn about the underpinnings of racism.  Be willing to learn unsanitized history. Use your voice. Vote locally. Support black-owned businesses. Have the tough conversations with those who haven't been willing to look at the insidious nature of racial bias, police brutality, inequitable education, poverty, and more... help them discover how important it is for them to say their names, hold their families in their hearts, learn, use their voice, vote, support, participate.

Daunte' Wright - 20 years old, unarmed, killed by police

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"What is healing but the removal of all that stands in the way of knowledge." - A Course in Miracles 

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Listen with your heart.

Healing the Trauma of Racism: A Real Conversation

Confronting Denial: "That's Not Who We Are!" Or is it? 

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Every month our RU AWARE team facilitates a Gathering where we can learn together and discuss our feelings and actions we can take.  Here are several of the videos we've used.

  Watch. Learn. Come to an Event.